The Complete Web Performance Optimization Tool

Everything you need to accelerate website load time and boost conversions

Why WebSonic?
More conversions and revenue
A faster website and app helps you improve checkout conversion and ad revenues.
Improve search result ranking
Not just your users, search engines love fast websites too. Drive more organic traffic to your website.
Deliver an amazing customer experience
Achieve better customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth growth for your business.
Offload server traffic and costs
Free up your existing servers for critical tasks and reduce server costs.
How WebSonic Works?
Optimize dynamic content delivery
Not just static content like images, JS, and CSS, WebSonic accelerates dynamic content like HTML and APIs with a global content delivery network.
Performance improvement in minutes
Best-in-class performance optimizations and configuration changes from Websonic’s dashboard. Minimal code changes for your team.
Advanced Caching Techniques
WebSonic caches dynamic content on a CDN using URLs, cookies, headers, and session states to deliver a great experience to all your users across devices.
Global CDN for Dynamic Content
WebSonic uses AWS CloudFront for dynamic content delivery with sub-second latency across the globe.
Granular caching control
Hostname, URL, cookies, session states, headers, cache timing - Create the perfect content cache policy for your business.
Device Detection
WebSonic automatically distinguishes between different devices for perfect user experience on Desktop, Mobile, Tablets, and Smart TVs.
In-built image optimization
All your images get optimized to the correct format and compressed automatically via
DNS Optimizations and Security
Improve load time of your website with DNS Optimizations from WebSonic’s dashboard. Secure your website and APIs against common threats and DDoS attacks.