Deliver fast and secure websites and apps

There are enough tools telling you the "how" of improving website performance and security. WebSonic actually does it for you.

The full-stack for secure,
high-performance applications

Dynamic Site Acceleration

Not just the static files like images, JS and CSS. Accelerate your HTML & APIs via a CDN as well

Measurable Performance Improvements

Spend time tracking Lighthouse metrics? Now implement actual improvements with just a few clicks.

Secure Online Experiences

An automatic layer of security on top of your application. Stop rogue bots and third-party scripts from hampering your growth.

Already delivering faster & more secure applications

"We now cache more than 5 million dynamic pages using WebSonic. As a result, our page speed increased for all users, and it improved our SEO rankings, which is crucial for us. The in-built WAF detected and prevented 23 million SQLi attacks, Source Code Disclosure, Suspicious Access last month. The Websonic team has been very supportive in setting the rules and configurations required to secure our pages and leverage CDN caching."
Puneet Mishra
Senior Vice President, IT, TradeIndia

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